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Teltonika All-Can300| Buy Teltonika All-Can300, Advanced can adapter for especial transport|WISP Australia
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All-Can300 ALL-CAN300 is designed to acquire data from special transport, agriculture and construction transport, light vehicles, vans, trucks and buses. 100 parameters from on-board computer such as (Door status, AdBlue level, Oil pressure/level, engine lifetime, airbag)
Teltonika FMC150| Buy Teltonika FMC150 Advanced 4G CAT 1/GSM/GNSS/BLUETOOTH® LE TRACKER | WISP Australia
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FMC150 FMC150 is an ADVANCED 4G CAT 1/GSM/GNSS/BLUETOOTH® LE tracker with integrated CAN data processor. It is compact 2 in 1 solution: GPS tracker and CAN adapter inside! Device allows to read CAN data from a wide range of various vehicles, including light & electric vehicles, trucks and buses.
Teltonika Can-Control|Buy Teltonika Can-Control, CAN adapter for car-sharing solutions to remotely lock/unlock |Wisp Australia
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Can-Control Teltonika CAN-CONTROL is the latest addition to CAN Solutions family, it allows remote doors and windows closing control, which is ideal for car sharing and mobility solutions for car rentals, car sharing providers and corporate fleet management providers. CAN-CONTROL can read not only such essential CAN parameters like: fuel level, odometer,...
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