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Planet LS200-CM3-915M|Buy Planet LS200-CM3-915M Planet IP53 LoRaWAN 3-Phase (3 x 75A Clamp-On CT, US915 Sub 1G, 2 x 3.6V ER14505
*** Out of stock ATM, Available On Backorder ***
LS200-CM3-915M The LS200-CM3-915M IP53 LoRaWAN 3-phase Current Meter, is designed for robust industrial power monitoring and excels with a maximum current measurement of 75A. Features: 3-phase Current Meter with ClamP-On CT Measure 75A current maximum IP53 rating Lorawan Class A Compatible
Planet LS200-PT-915M|Buy LS200-PT-915M IP65 LoRaWAN Sensor|Wisp
*** Out of stock ATM, Available On Backorder ***
LS200-PT-915M The LS200-PT-915M, IP65 LoRaWAN Product Temperature Sensor, is equipped with the PT1000 Needle Probe and excels in monitoring temperatures from -70 to 200°C during storage and transport. Features: Product Temperature Sensor with PT1000 Needle Probe (-70~200 degrees C) IP65 rating LoRaWAN Class A compatible
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