AMD EPYC 7532 CPU 32core 200W
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 AMD EPYC 7532 CPU 32core 200W The AMD EPYC 7532 is a 32-core and 64-thread processor with 256MB of L3 cache. The chip has a TDP of 200W. That means that this chip, like the 64-core EPYC 7662, is an eight CCD design. In other words, it has eight chiplets that are attached to the central I/O die. Each has 4 cores and 32MB of L3 cache active per chiplet....
AMD EPYC 7502 CPU SP3 32-CORE 180W
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EPYC 7502 The AMD EPYC 7502 is a server/workstation processor with 32 cores. It is part of the EPYC lineup, using the Zen 2 (Rome) architecture with Socket SP3. Thanks to AMD Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) the core-count is effectively doubled, to 64 threads. To further increase overall system performance, up to two EPYC 7502 CPUs can work together in...
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