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Mimosa C5 Gigabit Network Interface Device
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Power Management

Mimosa C5 Gigabit Network Interface Device

MIM-NID The Gigabit Network Interface Device (NID) from Mimosa is a sleek and cost-effective surge arrestor. This device is designed for exterior wall mounting, providing outdoor technician access, electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and functions as a grounding point for any installation that requires Ethernet cabling. The dust and water resistant...
Mimosa B24 IP67 24GHz 33dBi 4x4 1.5+ Gigabit PTP Backhaul Radio
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B24 Reliable 24 GHz Unlicensed Gigabit Performance The Mimosa B24 breaks the existing barriers of price, size, performance and power efficiency in the less crowded, unlicensed 24 GHz band.
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