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Teltonika FTC881 |Buy Teltonika FTC881 4G LTE Cat 1 battery-mounted vehicle GPS tracker with GNSS accuracy and IP69K | WISP Aust
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FTC881 Next-generation high voltage 4G LTE Cat 1 battery-mounted vehicle GPS tracker with enhanced GNSS accuracy and IP69K resistance. brings excellent positioning, exceptional durability, and competitiveness for your business. 1.4x increased position accuracy 4x Lower power consumption 2x Increased number of satellites IP69K Ultimate protection...
Teltonika FMC880 | Buy Teltonika FMC880 Water-resistant high GNSS precision battery-mounted 4G LTE Cat 1 tracker| WISP Australia
Avail mid April!
FMC880 The Teltonika FMC880 is a versatile and advanced vehicle tracking device designed to provide real-time monitoring and management of fleet vehicles. 4G (LTE Cat 1) connection with fallback to 2G (GSM) network Improved GNSS tracking accuracy Standalone L1 and L5 dual-band GNSS receiver ensures better track quality and quick time to first fix...
Teltonika All-Can300| Buy Teltonika All-Can300, Advanced can adapter for especial transport|WISP Australia
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All-Can300 ALL-CAN300 is designed to acquire data from special transport, agriculture and construction transport, light vehicles, vans, trucks and buses. 100 parameters from on-board computer such as (Door status, AdBlue level, Oil pressure/level, engine lifetime, airbag)
Teltonika Can-Control|Buy Teltonika Can-Control, CAN adapter for car-sharing solutions to remotely lock/unlock |Wisp Australia
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Can-Control Teltonika CAN-CONTROL is the latest addition to CAN Solutions family, it allows remote doors and windows closing control, which is ideal for car sharing and mobility solutions for car rentals, car sharing providers and corporate fleet management providers. CAN-CONTROL can read not only such essential CAN parameters like: fuel level, odometer,...
Teltonika FMC150| Buy Teltonika FMC150 Advanced 4G CAT 1/GSM/GNSS/BLUETOOTH® LE TRACKER | WISP Australia
*** Out of stock ATM, Available On Backorder ***
FMC150 FMC150 is an ADVANCED 4G CAT 1/GSM/GNSS/BLUETOOTH® LE tracker with integrated CAN data processor. It is compact 2 in 1 solution: GPS tracker and CAN adapter inside! Device allows to read CAN data from a wide range of various vehicles, including light & electric vehicles, trucks and buses.
Teltonika TAT140 | Buy Teltonika TAT140 4G LTE Cat 1 asset tracker for worldwide coverage| WISP Australia
*** Out of stock ATM, Available On Backorder ***
TAT140 Reliable tracking of construction equipment, tools, furniture and other non-powered assets can now be achieved with the newest Teltonika Telematics asset tracking solution. With the implementation of LTE you will be able to monitor your valuables almost everywhere in the world, since the technology boasts an extended network coverage and offers...
TeltonikaFMM00A| Buy Teltonika FMM00A Advanced Plug & Play OBD-II tracker with 4G LTE Cat M1 connectivity | WISP Australia
*** Out of stock ATM, Available On Backorder ***
FMM00A   Teltonika FMM00A represents next step in communication technology – this is the first Plug and Track LTE CAT M1 OBD device with GNSS and Bluetooth connectivity. Possibility to read OBD II parameters, effortless installation and detailed accelerometer data provides a compelling solution. This is perfect tracker for a wide range of applications –...
Teltonika FMM125 | Buy FMM125 Advanced CAT M1/GSM/GNSS/BLE terminal - RS485, RS232 interfaces and backup battery|Wisp
*** Out of stock ATM, Available On Backorder ***
FMM125 FMM125 is small and professional real-time tracking terminal with GNSS and LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT/ GSM connectivity and backup battery. Device equipped with GNSS/Bluetooth and LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT modules with fallback to 2G network, internal GNSS, 3G antennas. FMM125 features RS485, RS232 data interface, which gives ability to connect various third-party...
Teltonika FMM650| Buy Teltonika FMM650 4G LTE CAT M1 & NB IOT/ GNSS/BLE terminal with 2G (GSM) fallback compatibility|Wisp
*** Out of stock ATM, Available On Backorder ***
FMM650 The FMM650 from Teltonika is the latest addition to their 4G PROFESSIONAL lineup. This device boasts LTE CAT M1 & NB IoT/GNSS/BLE Terminal network coverage, complete with 2G (GSM) fallback compatibility, as well as external GNSS and LTE antennas. The inclusion of a separate GNSS module results in improved tracking accuracy, making it perfect...
Teltonika FMC650| Buy Teltonika FMC650 Professional LTE/GNSS/BLE terminal with 4G LTE Cat 1 tracker including 2G |WISP
In Stock
FMC650 Teltonika FMC650 is a direct successor to current most popular 4G PROFESSIONAL lineup device – FMC640. FMC650 has 4G (LTE Cat 1) network coverage including 2G (GSM) fallback compatibility. Device equipped with GNSS and LTE modules, external GNSS and LTE antennas. Separate GNSS module improves the accuracy of the track, making FMC650 more suitable...
TSW202 | Buy Teltonika TSW202 Industrial Managed POE+ L2 switch | WISP Australia
In Stock
TSW202 TSW202 is the first-ever Teltonika Networks managed PoE+ Ethernet switch, designed to provide granular network management capabilities while centralizing power distribution. This PoE+ switch enables flexibility over solution management and power supply and enhances M2M communication by supporting a wide range of industrial protocols, including...
Teltonika FMC234| Buy Teltonika FMC234 Water-resistant 4G LTE Cat 1 tracker with high-capacity battery | WISP Australia
*** Out of stock ATM, Available On Backorder ***
FMC234   FMC234 with 1000 mAh high-capacity battery, ensures prolonged autonomous usage, when external power is lost or disconnected. It comes equipped with internal GNSS, LTE antennas, configurable digital, analog, negative and impulse inputs, three DOUT outputs, Bluetooth connectivity, and backup battery. Device also includes integrated possibility to...
Teltonika FMB010| Buy Teltonika FMB010 2G Plug and Track Device with Bluetooth | WISP Australia
*** Out of stock ATM, Available On Backorder ***
FMB010   FMB010 is easy OBDII Plug and Play tracker with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity. FMB010 is perfectly suitable for light vehicle tracking in applications like courier delivery service, car rental & leasing, insurance telematics and many other where simple integration is a must. This device supports temperature/humidity sensors,...
Teltonika FMC003| Buy Teltonika 4G LTE Cat 1 Advanced OBDII Tracker with Bluetooth | WISP Australia
In Stock
FMC003 4G LTE Cat 1 tracker with OBD OEM data reading FMC003 is a small plug and play device with LTE CAT 1 network coverage including 2G (GSM) fallback compatibility. Main feature of FMC003 is its possibility to read OEM parameters (PIDs) via OBD port. With this device you will be able to read Real Odometer and Real Fuel Level data. More to that,...
TSW212 | Buy Teltonika TSW212 Industrial Managed L2 switch | WISP Australia
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TSW212 TSW212 is an L2 Teltonika Networks managed Ethernet switch with additional L3 features, like DHCPv6 client support and static IPv6 routing for greater network management. This switch supports multiple industrial protocols, including EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and MRP, and has 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 SFP ports to ensure robust long-range fibre...
Teltonika FMC130 | Buy Teltonika Advanced LTE Terminal with Flexible Inputs Configuration | WISP Australia
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FMC130 Advanced 4G LTE Cat 1 tracker with flexible inputs FMC130-MCIB0 is small and professional real-time tracking terminal with GNSS and LTE/GSM connectivity and backup battery. Device equipped with GNSS/Bluetooth and LTE modules, internal GNSS, LTE antennas, configurable digital, analogue inputs and digital outputs, negative input, impulse inputs. It...
Teltonika FMC920 | Buy Teltonika Small and Smart GPS Tracker with a 4G CAT 1 Connectivity | WISP Australia
In Stock
FMC920 The most popular compact 4G LTE Cat 1 model for basic tracking Teltonika FMC920 is a small and smart tracker with Bluetooth connectivity, internal High Gain GNSS and GSM antennas and an integrated backup battery. The 4G Cat 1 technology offers much higher bandwidth, lower latency and improved spectrum efficiency.The model is compact, reliable,...
Teltonika TRB255 | Buy Teltonika TRB255 Industrial M2M Gateway Dual SIM RS232-RS485 Digital I/O GPS | WISP Australia
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TRB255 INDUSTRIAL M2M GATEWAY Industrial all-in-one M2M LTE Cat-M1/NB-IoT/EGPRS gateway, equipped with multiple inputs/outputs, RS232, RS485, and Ethernet interfaces to be used universally in various M2M applications. Compatible with the Teltonika Networks Remote Management System (RMS) for easy and secure monitoring The Device includes 1 RMS credit....
Teltonika TRB500 | Buy Teltonika TRB500 Industrial 5G SA NSA Architectures Compact 4G (LTE CAT20) 3G Compatible Gateway | WISP A
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TRB500 INDUSTRIAL 5G GATEWAY The TRB500 gateway is a compact-sized and energy-efficient industrial gateway with a Gigabit Ethernet interface and two configurable Inputs/Outputs, allowing high-level customization and implementation of various scenarios. This device enables 5G network speeds with ultra-low latency for mission-critical infrastructures and...
Teltonika TRB141 | Buy Teltonika TRB141 Industrial Rugged GPIO 4G/LTE Gateway | WISP Australia
In Stock
Wireless Networking

Teltonika TRB141 Industrial Rugged GPIO 4G/LTE Gateway

TRB141 TRB141 is a small industrial LTE Cat 1 gateway equipped with diverse inputs/outputs and a Micro USB port. This gateway comes with secure, highly customizable RutOS and works perfectly for remote management of devices and applications using I/O.
Teltonika RUT956 | Buy Teltonika RUT956 Industrial GNSS Dual-SIM 4G/LTE & WiFi Cellular Router |WISP Australia
In Stock
RUT956 INDUSTRIAL CELLULAR ROUTER RUT956 is an industrial router that combines cellular, Wi-Fi, and wired connectivity options with automatic WAN failover and GNSS capabilities. Serial communication interfaces enable integrating more varied devices into the solution ecosystem, while I/O and advanced RutOS software facilitate equipment control,...
Teltonika RUT241 | Buy Teltonika RUT241 Industrial 4G LTE & 4GX Mobile WiFi Router | WISP Australia
Last items in stock
RUT241 INDUSTRIAL CELLULAR ROUTER Equipped with 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and two Ethernet ports, RUT241 offers unstoppable connection continuity with automatic WAN failover. Industrial design, compact size, multiple connection interfaces, and compatibility with RMS make this device an excellent fit in numerous IoT and M2M solutions. Compatible with the Teltonika...
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