RouterBoard Selection Guide

I you are considering purchase of the RouterBoard but you aren't certain of the most suitable model please have a look at the below simple guide. Alternatively, please click to download catalogue for Routerboards (Q1 and Q2 2010 edition) to view all the specs of Mikrotiks devices.

If you still have more questions - please contact us, we will be able to help.


Recommended Model MiniPCIAntenna
Low cost 2.4GHz CPERB411NMP86022.4GHz antenna
Low cost 5GHz CPERB411R52H5GHz ComTenna
Low Cost 2.4GHz PtP linkRB411CM92.4GHz antenna
300Mbps PtP linkRB411R52HN18dbi dual pol antenna
Low Cost 5.8GHz PtP linkRB411CM95GHz ComTenna
Low Cost 900MHz PtP linkRB411 RB411AHGZ-901/SR910.5 dbi panel antenna
High Performance 2.4/5G p2p linkRB411AH RB411UAHRR52HAntenna
Bench-top (indoor) Wireless APRB433R52HNIndoor case
Bench-top (indoor) HotSpot APRB433 RB433AHR52HNIndoor case
Bench-top (Layer3) Switch/FirewallRB450 RB750GN/AN/A
Outdoor HotSpot APRB433 RB433AHR52H12dBi Omni
Outdoor WISP APRB433AH RB433UAHR52HN15dBi Omni
Outdoor Network Booster/RepeaterRB433R52H15dBi Omni
SOHO Wireless Router/FirewallRB800 RB750GR52HNn/a
Enterprise Router/FirewallRB/1000U or RB1100n/an/a

For the latest Routerboard models please click here

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