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Our proposal is to connect to an uncontended, dedicated 1Gbps fiber connection for all interested parties at Barcoo Street

Our Internet Plans

50/50 Mbps Plan

Per Month (incl. GST)


  • Static IP Address
  • 45 Mbps - typical speed outside 7 to 11pm.
  • Over DOUBLE uploads compared to NBN

100/100 Mbps Plan

Per Month (incl. GST)


  • Static IP Address
  • 85 Mbps - typical speed outside 7 to 11pm.
  • Over DOUBLE uploads compared to NBN

Have a specific requirement? Contact us for custom plan!


12 month contract setup fee (hardware) is $200+GST, for 24 months there are no setup fees. We will utilize existing phone lines (VDSL) to provide Internet access to premises from the MDF where the fiber connection from Optus will reside. MDF will be the location for the main firewall and router.
The advantages for Barcoo Street tenants with this solution are:

  • -    We will be on a dedicated Optus fiber connection that connects directly to the Optus Datacenter at Belrose and then to the NextGen datacenter. And will be on an eSLA that is far more responsive than the NBN offering
  • -    Uncontended service
  • -    The upload speeds offered are not possible with the NBN plans.
  • -    We will be also offering static IP address for each connection which means you can run your own server at the premises, host a website, etc.

On top of that we will be able to offer very attractive Voip solutions, managed services like cloud storage (backups), webhosting, advertisement free Internet browsing with firewall protection and local support.
We are locals, Unit 49, and we are here every day (Mon-Fri) 9am – 5pm, so please swing by to have a chat or call us on 02 8061 7525 or email us at

How are we different than NBN?

NBN Options

NBN will be available shortly in our complex, however NBN shares this infrastructure between Business and Wholesale (domestic) services.
There are two issues this presents:

  1.  If there is a fault, ALL services go down, and NBN prioritizes restoration of these services according to the Service Level Agreement Priority. i.e. Business then Wholesale The Enhanced Service Level Agreement (eSLA) for a business connection depends on the service level purchased. A standard eSLA response time is 8am-5pm, business days, with a rectification ‘target’ of 5pm the following business day if the fault is determined to be within NBN’s control.
  2. What it means that within that period of time NBN will try to come and sort out the issue, which as we all know might not be happening as their service since pandemic is average at best (they don’t even acknowledge issues over the phone anymore).
  3. Wholesale services are contended (or shared) among all users. NBN has on average 400 clients sharing each 1Gbps fiber connection with 100/40 packages! This means that the actual speeds received may actually be considerably slower than the purchased 100/40 plan. This depends on the ‘connectivity virtual circuit’ (CVC) provisions purchased by the ISP. For perspective, NBN EE (which is a dedicated or non-shared connection to the premises) costs circa $600 for a 100/40 plan.

NBN Business Pricing

Speed Download/Upload                 TC4B                         TC2              
100/40 Mbps      From $120      From $250

What does these terms mean?

TC4B - is the standard delivery method for general internet
 and data services across the nbn broadband access network it is almost identical to TC-4 (same infrastructure) which a normal residential NBN service
TC2 - provides a higher performance delivery method for data and network services that requires consistent, predictable upload and download speeds (it is still however based on the same contended service that TC-4)

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