Software Controllers

Ubiquiti UniFi Layer 3 Cloud Controller

This product is a UniFi Centralised Management System installed in a cloud on Linux based system for convenience and ease of UniFi deployment. The system requires L3 connection (VPN, which is delivered via IPsec tunnel) between the cloud and the location of the UniFi units. System has been tested with the following models: UniFi, UniFi-LR, UniFi-PRO,...

UC-CK Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key

The UniFi UC-CK Cloud Key is an integrated computer and software controller minus the bulk. It features a quad-core processor with 1GB RAM, operating the latest version of the UniFi Controller with built-in hybrid cloud technology. The UniFi Cloud Key is fully capable of configuring and managing dozens of UniFi devices in your deployment. Replacing a...

IgniteNet Cloud Controller

The CLOUD-IGI is IgniteNet's easy to use cloud-based controller solution that lets you affordably monitor, manage and provision your IgniteNet products. All configuration options available through the normal web configuration UI is available at the cloud. Price of the cloud controller is per year with an unlimited device licenses, unlimited number of...

IgniteNet MetroLinq LinqAssist Bluetooth Module

The ICC-LA-BT from IgniteNet is the ultimate Bluetooth tool to speed up and simplify the install of your MetroLinq Devices. Simply plug the device into the USB port on your MetroLinq Device and instantly get live RSSI reporting to your Bluetooth compatible mobile device. Note: This device requires your MetroLinq Device to be running v1.1.4+ Firmware.

Ubiquiti U-Installer airMAX CPE Installation Tool

Ubiquiti U-Installer airMAX® CPE Installation Tool The U-Installer is a useful tool to make airMAX CPE installation easier. It provides Wi-Fi connectivity and 24V PoE power to a CPE, so you can use the intuitive UNMS Mobile app on a smartphone or tablet for alignment and configuration. Overview The durable Ubiquiti® Installer should be in every WISP...

UCK-G2-PLUS Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus

Manage your UniFi networking and video devices simultaneously with the new multi-application UniFi Cloud Key G2 Plus. Designed for easy deployment, the Cloud Key G2 Plus can be quickly configured over Bluetooth using the UniFi mobile application. The front panel display shows vital system stats for your UniFi networking hardware and UniFi video cameras....

UCK-G2 Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key Gen2

The UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 from Ubiquiti Networks lets you manage your UniFi network with a more powerful cloud key. Configure your network in minutes with Bluetooth setup from the UniFi mobile application. The new front panel display shows important network status information at a glance. A built-in battery provides protection against power loss. 
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