CRM-P Ubiquiti airMAX Device Managment Controller

CRM-P Ubiquiti airMAX Device Managment Controller

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The Ubiquiti CRM-P control software and all of its data are stored locally on the CRM Point, eliminating the costs associated with third-party cloud storage.


CRM-P - CRM-P Ubiquiti airMAX Device Managment Controller

Ubiquiti CRM-P Key Features:

  • Plug and play airMAX device management
  • Breakthrough size and performance
  • Powerful quad-core architecture
  • Versatile scalability
  • No hosting fees
  • Plug and Play Installation with No Hosting Fees
  • Instant setup – just connect the Ubiquiti CRM-P CRM Point to 802.3af PoE and run the

Device Discovery
Ubiquiti CRM-P Control lets you quickly discover all airMAX and airMAX ac devices within your network. In addition to automatic device discovery, you can also scan IP ranges or manually add devices using their IP addresses.

Network Monitoring
Check the system dashboard to display a summary of the current network status and to get real-time updates on the network status. The dashboard shows the PtP and PtMP networks. For each network type, you can display the spectral efficiency, airtime, and radio distribution for all applicable frequency bands. Real-time graphs also display throughput or airtime statistics.

Device Views
Track network performance with summary and detailed device views. Monitor uplink and downlink statistics, including charts of wireless signal quality and device activity. Search for a specific device or use filters to quickly find the devices you’re looking for.

Link Simulations
The powerful link simulator helps you to plan your deployments. Create a point-to-point simulation anywhere on the map and test the link performance with immediate feedback based on terrain data and device configuration.

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