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SEXTANTG-5HPnD MikroTik...
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Outdoor Devices & Links


MikroTik RB/SEXTANTG Gigabit 18dBi 5GHz Hi-Power MiMO CPE The SEXTANT G-5HPnD is an 18dBi 5GHz antenna with a built in RB911G-5HpnD routerboard. It has two polarizations to give you all benefits of 2x2 MIMO in 802.11n. Inside is the high power RB911G dual chain wireless device, with high performance, high output power, and a Gigabit Ethernet port, to...
INS-3AF-I-G Ubiquiti 24V Passive Indoor PoE Adapter
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Power Over Ethernet

INS‑3AF‑I‑G Ubiquiti 24V Passive PoE Adapter

Ubiquiti Instant 802.3af Adapter Indoor Gigabit INS‑3AF‑I‑G The Ubiquiti Instant 802.3af Indoor Gigabit Adapter INS-3AF-I-G is the new and improved and gigabit data speeds. Converting any 48V 802.3af supply into 24V passive PoE, compatible with many Ubiquiti products.
UNSLK25 Ubiquiti Loco M2 M5...
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Cases, Mounts & Shields

UNSLK25 Ubiquiti Loco M2 M5 RF Shield

RF Armor
 UNSLK25 Loco M2 M5 Kit Fits the following Ubiquiti radios:    LocoM2 - NanoStation Loco M2    LocoM5 - NanoStation Loco M5Reduce unwanted RF energy from the back, sides, top, and bottom outside the designed beam from reaching the antenna and radio keeping the radio focused on the intended signal.Co-locate several radios close together without...
ESD-SP Ubiquiti 1000mbit ethernet surge protector
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Power Management

ETH-SP-G2 Ubiquiti 1000Mbit Ethernet Surge Protector

This Ethernet Surge Protector from Ubiquiti enables ESD protection for outdoor PoE devices. Damaging electrostatic discharge attacks and surges are diverted to the ETH-SP-Gen2 and safely discharged into the ground, so network devices are protected.
Kingston 16GB 2666ghz ECC RAM
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Kingston 16GB [KSM26ED8/16ME] 2666MHz DDR4 ECC CL19 DIMM 2Rx8 Micron E Kingston's KSM26ED8/16ME is a 2G x 72-bit (16GB) DDR4-2666 CL19 SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM), 2Rx8, ECC, memory module, based on eighteen 1G x 8-bit FBGA components. The SPD is programmed to JEDEC standard latency DDR4-2666 timing of 19-19-19 at 1.2V. Each 288-pin DIMM uses gold contact...
lkv672pro front view
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Audio & Visual

LKV672PRO 4K×2K@60Hz HDMI Extender

LKV672PRO is a HDMI Extender, it includes transmitter and a receiver unit, allows HDMI signal to be transmitted up to 50 meters at 4K×2K@30Hz, and up to 30 meters at 4K×2K@60Hz via a single CAT6/6A/7 cable in a point-to-point configuration. It supports IR passback with a wide IR frequency 20-60KHz.Transmitter with a HDMI loop out,convenient for monitor at...
OCuLink to 4 SATA Cable | CBL-SAST-0933
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Cables & Adapters

OCuLink to 4 SATA Cable

ASRock Rack
CBL-SAST-0933 Copper Cable Assembly OCuLink SFF-8611 (x4) to 4 SATA OCuLink Storage Expansion
Alfa 9 dBi AOA-2458-79AF...
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AOA-2458-79AF Specs: Dual band 2.4/5 GHz antenna N-female connector (designed to connect to N-male connector on device) Strong material, durable and weatherproof for outdoor use ALFA Network is the name to trust in wireless networking Backed by 1 year factory warranty
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