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WL-R220LF1-d Industrial 4G 3G Router M2M 533 MHZ CPU 802.11 N 300Mbps

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WLINK WL-R220 4G/3G OpenWrt router is the internet of thing mobile broadband router and a machine to machine (M2M) industrial cellular router, which can works on 4G/3G cellular network to provide reliable, secure and high speed wireless connectivity for remote management, telemetry, condition monitoring, CCTV, ATMs, vending machine and other M2M applications. Using one of the world's leading Atheros scheme, the CPU basic frequency 533 MHZ, wireless support 802.11 N 300Mbps, highest , Perfect compatible OPENWRT third parties firmware, meet customer secondary development.What can OpenWrt use for? OpenWrt is as a Linux distribution of Router, it offers a built-in package manager that allows you to install package from a software repository. It can used for anything that an embedded Linux system can be used for, including functioning as an SSH server, VPN, traffic shaping system and so on. WLINK WL-R220 4G/3G OpenWrt router is based on the Openwrt trunk system, which is configured using a webinterface (LuCI). Customers can be allowed to customize WL-R220 series router to fit any application from the selection and configuration by WLINK provided.Hence WL-R220 OpenWrt 4G/3G Router are suitable for the users who want a drop-in replacement firmware. Instead of trying to cram every possible feature into one firmware, OpenWrt provides only a minimal firmware with support for add-on packages. For users this means the ability to custom tune feature, removing unwanted package to make room for other package and for developers this means being able to focus on package without having to test and release an entire firmware.


WL-R220LF1-d - Industrial 4G Router

Product Features:

 • Industrial robust design and compact metal housing, heat endurance and radiation abillity
 • High data speed vi  a FDD / TDD 4G or 3G network, 2G backward compatible
 • Strong electromagnetic interference Resistance
 • Support DIN-Rail Mounting for industrial
 • Built-in watch dog, Multi-link detection
 • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi support, 300Mbps data rate
 • 2x Digital Input(DI), 1x Digital Output (DO), suit for I/O communication
 • MIMO antenna for 4G
 • Atheros  AR9344, 533MHz CPU.
 • Standard equipped with Dual SIM Single Module for Failover or Backup between two network
 • Always online, reboot automatically if disconnected to ensure continual connection
 • SPI Nor Flash - 8MB
 • NAND Flash 128MB
 • DDR2:16Bit 64MB
 • Shock and vibration resistant

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