POE-INJ-1000-WT Tycon GigE 4Pr Pasv...

POE-INJ-1000-WT Tycon GigE 4Pr Pasv PoE Inj/Splitter, Pins 1245V+

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 Gigabit Passive PoE Injector/Splitter with LED Indicator. Injects or splits DC power on all 8 wires. 1245(+) 3678(-). Wire terminal connector. 2.25A. VIN=VOUT. Power Ubiquiti AirFiber and Starlink devices.

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POE-INJ-1000-WT - Tycon GigE 4Pr Pasv PoE Inj/Splitter, Pins 1245V+

Product Features

  • High Power Shielded Design (uses all 4 pairs)
  • 10/100/1000Mb Compatible
  • Removeable Wire Terminal Connector
  • 5VDC to 58VDC Power over Ethernet
  • Power On LED indicator
  • I.T.E. Power Supply, UL Listed


  • Wireless Equipment
  • Power Ubiquiti airFiber and Starlink Antennas
  • Security Applications
  • HD PTZ Cameras

The POE-INJ-1000-WT(x) are shielded passive power over Ethernet Inserters and Splitters that are compatible with data speeds up to 1 gigabit. The DC connector is a removeable wire terminal type power connector. The RJ45 connectors are shielded to ensure continuous shielding from power source to destination device. Power is supplied on all 8 Ethernet pins (4 Pair) This allows for transport of up to 130W over a single CAT5/6 wire up to 100m.

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