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PLANET IPM-4220 IP-based 4-port...
PLANET IPM-4220 IP-based 4-port...
PLANET IPM-4220 IP-based 4-port...

PLANET IPM-4220 IP-based 4-port Switched Power Manager

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Meeting All Your Power Needs via IP-based Power Outlets
PLANET IPM-4220 is a 4-port IP Power Management (IPM) device that provides the useful function of managing power for any combination to connect with itself. With the innovative IP-based technology, PLANET has made the traditional power management equipment into true networking devices.

Intelligent Power Management
The IPM-4220 offers 4 power outlets, each of which can be controlled or monitored individually by the console or SNMP manager software or web interfaces. They allow users to access, configure, and manage many networking devices at the same time from remote locations to save valuable time.

Electric Current Monitored on Display
The aggregate current draw per IPM rack is displayed on the unit via a digital display. The local digital display helps installers avoid overloaded circuits by providing a visible warning when the current draw is close to the maximum amperage draw of the strip.

Scheduled Power On/Off
The IP-based Switched Power Manager allows you to pre-define a power schedule for IT equipment. It alerts users to an upcoming shutdown, and then waits a predefined amount of time to allow users to finish their work and sign off.

Overload Protection
Securing you against the risk of getting the entire circuit cut off, commonly happened with ordinary power distribution units (PDUs), when there is overloaded power, PLANET PDU, with a built-in circuit breaker and reset switch, ensures the stability of power distribution among its equipment. Its 16-amp circuit breaker prevents dangerous circuit overloads that could damage the equipment.

Energy and Cost Saving
You can also check the current energy consumption in your office within the configuration interface of the IPM-4220. It helps you reduce energy consumption, thus saving expenses on utilities.


IPM-4220 - PLANET IP-based 4-port Switched Power Manager

Remote Management via Network
PLANET Switched IP Power Manager consolidates power control, current monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring with environmental sensor box (ESB), web page management, message, e-mail, and SNMP functions together to enable MIS staff to be informed and thereby to remotely deal with the relevant problems through Internet.

Environmental Sensor Box (ESB)
The IPM-4220 is equipped with a console port for connecting an environmental sensor box (ESB). You may add temperature and humidity sensors to control the power switch by monitoring the environmental changes. When the temperature and humidity reach a high level, you will be notified via SMS and e-mail.


  • Desktop size design
  • IEC outlet models
  • 4 power outlets that support real-time current image monitoring
  • 4 LEDs show power status for each power outlet
  • LCD panel displays current, max. alarm and network information
  • Buzzer will ring when total power consumption value exceeds set value
  • Circuit breaker can avoid damage that is caused by overload
  • Versatile sensors supported through environmental sensor box (ESB) inputs

Power Distribution

  • Maximum Amps/Inlet: IEC 16A for 1 inlet
  • Maximum Amps for 4 Outlets: IEC 16A for 4 outlets
  • Full Frequency Range: 50~60Hz
  • Supports multiple power control methods – Wake on LAN, System After AC Back, Kill the Power

Remote Access

  • Remote power control via TCP/IP and a built-in 10/100Mbps Ethernet port
  • Multi browsers support (IE, Google, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape)


  • Provides Install Wizard to ease users' setting of parameters
  • Events notification by sending pop-up message, trap, SMS or e-mail
  • Supports Management Information Base (MIB) files for SNMP
  • Naming support for outlets
  • Power-on sequencing intelligently turns on/off devices based on event occurrence or planned schedule
  • Voltage, current, wattage and total kWh report
  • Sets over-current watchdog for power outlet
  • External UPS can be installed for a possible power outage


  • Web page supports 1024-bit SSL security encryption transmission
  • Supports Secure Socket Layer V3 and Secure Shell V1 protocols
  • Administrator and multiple users with password protection for double-layer security
  • IP Filtering -- Address-specific IP security masks to prevent unauthorized access
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IP Power Controller
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