LC-SC Duplex OM3 MM Fibre Patch Cable

    LC-SC Duplex OM3 MM Fibre Patch Cable

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    LC UPC to SC UPC Duplex OFNR OM3 Multimode Fibre Optic Patch Cable

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    Technical Specifications:

    • Connector: LC to SC
    • Polish: UPC to UPC
    • Fibre Mode: 50/125
    • Fibre Grade: G.651
    • Fibre Type: Duplex
    • Jacket: 2.0mm PVC
    • Insertion Loss: < .3dB
    • Return Loss: > 50dB
    • Polarity: A(Tx) to B(Rx)
    • Wavelength: 850/1310nm
    • Interchangeability: < .2dB
    • Vibration: < .2dB
    • Operating Temperature: -40 to 75C
    • Storage Temperature: -45 to 85C
    Device Type
    Fibre Patch Cable
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