SafeSurge PRO Ethernet Surge Protector

SafeSurge PRO Ethernet Surge Protector

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The SafeSurge PRO is a 2nd generation Ethernet Protection device that improves on the original SafeSurge. Designed to protect sensitive data-processing equipment, this unit now features 10x the surge protection as well as 50x faster response time (less than 5 nanoseconds) compared to the original. The performance enhancement is now enterprise-ready for very large surge events. 



Note: The miniPCI card should be properly grounded with the supplied cable to achieve a high level of protection.

Key Features:

  • 10 Base T/ 100 Base T/ 1000 Base T compatible
  • Less than 5ns (nanoseconds) response time
  • 10x the surge protection vs. the original SafeSurge
  • Same small form factor with multiple ways to ground
  • Built in redundant protection so it lasts longer
Device Type
Surge Arrester
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