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MikroTik CubeG-5ac60ay-SA CubeSA 60Pro ac Sector Antenna 802.11ay 60 GHz with 5 GHz Failover
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CubeG-5ac60ay-SA 60Ghz sector antenna with 5GHz failover CubeSA 60Pro ac A powerful sector antenna to connect multiple 60 GHz devices. Quick and easy networking for all kinds of pop-up events and distances up to 800m. Long gone are the days when you had to rely on cables for speed and stability. 60 GHz solutions offer fiber-like speed and stability -...
MikroTik Wireless Wire Cube Pair 802.11ay 60GHz with 5 GHz Failover
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MikroTik Wireless Wire Cube Pair 802.11ay 60GHz with 5 GHz Failover

CubeG-5ac60aypair ptp 60GHz with 5 GHz Failover A preconfigured kit of two Cube 60Pro ac (802.11ay 60 GHz) devices: the Wireless Wire Cube Pro. Just point the Cubes at one another and power them on! They will form a blazing fast encrypted wireless connection. Pure plug-and-play!
MikroTik Wireless Wire Cube Pair 2Gbs 60GHz Aggregation Unit with 5 GHz Failover
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CubeG-5ac60adpair: MikroTik Wireless Wire Cube pair If you are managing networks in a large, busy area (like a park or a stadium), then you have probably experienced all kinds of problems – massive interference, signal loss during bad weather, etc. And laying wires everywhere can be clumsy and expensive, sometimes even impossible. Finally, there is a...
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