mPCIe to USB 2.0 Adapter with SIM/UIM Slot

mPCIe to USB 2.0 Adapter with SIM/UIM Slot

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This mini PCIe wireless WWAN to USB 2.0 adapter can be used for testing, debugging and unlocking WWAN cards. The adapter has an integrated SIM slot and works with most WWAN modules. This adapter works with Windows desktop and laptop computers without additional drivers, but the drivers and software for the WWAN card must be installed on the machine.

Adapter dimensions: 65 x 31mm

This product is the adapter only and does not come with a 3G/4G module or wireless antenna. The transfer interface is primarily used for DIY or testing.


mPCIe-USB-SIM - mPCIe to USB 2.0 Adapter with SIM/UIM Slot

Known Device Compatibility:

  • Sierra Wireless: MC8755, MC8775, MC8780, MC8781, MC8790, MC8090, MC9090, MC8795V, MC8704, MC8705, MC5725, MC5720
    MC8355, MC7710, MC7700, MC7750, MC7304, MC7305, MC7455, MC7430, MC7354, MC7330
  • Huawei: EM730, EM770, EM770V, EM770W, MU609, MU709, MU709S-2, MU709S-6, ME909S-120, ME909U-521, MU909-821
  • ZTE: MF210, MF210V1, MF210V2, AD3812, MC2716, ME3620, ME3630, ME3760, ME3610
  • Quectel: UC20-A/E/G, UC15-E, EC20-C/E/A , EC21-V/A/E/AUT, EC25-V/A/E/AUT
  • LONG SUNG: U8300, U8300W, U8300C, C5300V, U7500E
  • SIMCOM: SIM7100A/C/E/CE, SIM7600C/CE SIM5360A/E
  • Option NV: GTM378, GTM380, GTM382
  • Novatel Wireless: EU850D, EU870D
  • Ericsson: F3507G
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