Ubiquiti EdgeMAX EdgePoint 16 Outdoor Gigabit PoE 10G SFP+ Switch

Ubiquiti EdgeMAX EdgePoint 16 Outdoor Gigabit PoE 10G SFP+ Switch

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The EP-S16 from Ubiquiti Networks is a cost-effective and user-friendly outdoor managed Gigabit switch. This Ubiquiti EdgePoint device comes in a diecast aluminium alloy enclosure and features (16) Gigabit Ethernet ports, (2) 10G SFP+ ports and (1) RJ45 Serial port. This device provides up to 36 Gbps non-blocking throughput and passive power over Ethernet compatibility. Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch devices are managed through its CLI or web interface which offers an extensive suite of advanced Layer 2 switching features and protocols as well as Layer 3 routing capability.

Note: This product does not include fibre modules. If you need SFP transceivers, select an option from the drop down menu or make sure to add them to your cart separately. For more information about Ubiquiti SFP transceivers, refer to the Ubiquiti website.

Please navigate to individual product pages to purchase different models or quantities of SFP Transceivers than the options provided, or check out our range of Ubiquiti UniFi devices available for purchase. Give us a call if you have any questions about device compatibility.


EP-S16 EdgePoint OUTDOOR 16-PORT Intelligent Layer 2 switch WISP Control Point with FiberProtect

The EP-S16 EdgePoint 16-Port Gigabit PoE-Compliant WISP Switch from Ubiquiti is designed to simplify your hardware by replacing the network cabinet, which usually contains a patch panel, power rack, multiple PoE adapters, switch, router, modem, and more. It is encased in a die-cast aluminum alloy and polycarbonate shell with UV resistance, and features a combination of robust routing performance, fiber backhaul capability, and the convenience of passive PoE support.

With the EP-S16, you'll have access to a total of sixteen ports: two input or output ports with 54V or 24V / 1.4A passive PoE, two output ports with 54V or 24V / 1.4A passive PoE, and twelve PoE+ or 24V / 0.7A passive PoE output ports. Furthermore, use the EdgePoint software, accessible via a network port and a web browser, to monitor and manage your network. FiberProtect

The EdgePoint features FiberProtect to significantly reduce electrostatic discharge (ESD) failures and electromagnetic interference (EMI), greatly improve data signal integrity, and to consolidate the wired data backhaul to a single fiber cable run for long-distance connectivity.

WISP Control
Designed as a WISP control point, the EdgePoint combines the advanced routing capabilities of EdgeMAX with fiber backhaul and versatile powering capabilities.
All-in-One Design
A single compact controller eliminates clutter, expensive cabinets, extraneous installations, and excessive maintenance.
Advanced Routing Applications
Powerful routing features such as link balancing provide redundancy and increased performance for outdoor wireless links.
Versatile Power Options
Powered by 54VDC or by PoE, the EP-S16 can support 54 or 24V passive PoE to power all Ubiquiti products, including airFiber and airMAX.
Intuitive User Interface
The EdgePoint features a graphical user interface designed for convenient setup and control. Accessed via a network port and web browser, the user-friendly interface provides intuitive management with a virtual view of the ports, displaying physical connectivity, speed, and status.
Routing Configuration
The EP-R6 offers robust features, including:

  • VLAN interfaces for network segmentation
  • Static routes and support of routing protocols: OSPF, RIP, and BGP
  • Firewall policies and NAT rules
  • Application identification with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • DHCP services
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Network administration and monitoring tools
  • Administrator and operator accounts
  • Comprehensive IPv6 support
  • Command-Line Interface (CLI) Configuration
  • The CLI provides quick and flexible configuration by command line and features the following:
    For power users, configuration and monitoring of all advanced features
    Direct access to standard Linux tools and shell commands
    CLI access through the following
    Graphical user interface

Ubiquiti Edgepoint EP-S16 Bottom Panel:

  • Power Options
  • 54VDC, 6A Terminal Block
  • Dual PoE Input
  • (1) Console Port
  • Data Ports:(16) RJ45 Ports and (2) SFP+ Ports
  • Sixteen RJ45 ports support PoE:
  • PoE Input or Output
  • (2) Ports with Two Options: 54V, 1.5A Passive PoE Input or 54 or 24V, 1.4A Passive PoE Output*
  • PoE Output
  • (2) 54 or 24V, 1.4A Passive PoE Output Ports*
  • (12) PoE+ or 24V, 0.7A Passive PoE Output Ports*
  • Cabling Protection
  • FiberProtect Strain Relief for Fiber Optic Strands
  • Cable Sleeve and Option for Conduit (Not Included)
  • Cable Tie Slots (Cable Ties Not Included)
  • Back Panel
  • Lanyard Loop for Ease of Installation
  • Slot for PicoStationM2HP (Not Included) to Allow for Wireless Management
  • Pole-Mount Bracket (Wall-Mount Bracket Also Included)
  • Ground Bonding Point

Device Type
Network Switch
Power Over Ethernet
Device Features
PoE Powered
POE Ports
SFP+ Ports
Power Input
Power Over Ethernet
24V Passive PoE
48V 15W 802.3af
48V 30W 802.3at
Yes, 10G SFP+
Ethernet Ports
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