CBI485A Industrial DIN Rail Mount UPS 48V 5A Single Output Power Supply

CBI485A Industrial DIN Rail Mount UPS 48V 5A Single Output Power Supply

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Thanks to the All In One units (DC-UPS), it will be possible to optimize power management. The available power is automatically allocated between load and battery, supplying power to the load is the first priority of the unit thus it is not necessary to double the power, because also the power going to the battery will go to the load if the load so requires. The maximum available current on the load output is 2 times the value of the device rated current In. We call “Battery Care” the concept base on algorithms that implement rapid and automatic charging, battery charge optimization during time, flat batteries recovery and real time diagnostic during installation and operation. The Real Time Auto-diagnostic system, monitoring battery faults such as, battery Sulfated, elements in short circuit, accidental reverse polarity connection, disconnection of the battery, they can easily be detected and removed by help of Blink Code of Diagnosis Led; during the installation and after sell. The continuous monitoring of battery efficiency, reduces battery damage risk and allows a safe operation in permanent connection. Each device is suited for all battery types, by means of jumpers it is possible setting predefined curves for Open Lead Acid, Sealed Lead Acid, Gel, Ni-Cd (option). They are programmed for two charging levels, boost and charge, but they can be changed to single charging level by the user. A rugged casing with bracket for DIN rail mounting provides IP20 protection degree. They are extremely compact and cost-effective.


CBI485A -  Industrial DIN Rail Mount UPS 48V 5A Single Output Power Supply

Product Specifications

Style DIN Rail
Input Type Single Phase
Input Voltage 90 ~ 305VAC
Frequency 47 ~ 63 Hz
Input Current 3.3A / 115VAC, 2.2A / 230VAC
Output Voltage 48V
Output Current 5A
Rated Output Power 240W
Output Type Single
Output Voltage Adjustment N/A
Output Current Adjustment Range N/A
Charge output A 5A
Alarm Signals Main / Back-up Power, Low Battery, Battery Fault
Remote Functions Boost / Trickle, Start from Battery without Mains
Dimming / Control Options N/A
Temperature Compensation Yes (with optional external probe)
Battery Type Open Lead Acid, Sealed Lead Acid, lead Gel and Ni-Cd
Prescribed Electrical Item No
Efficiency ≥ 83.00% (at 50% of rated current)
Operating Temperature Range -25 ~ +70°C
Warranty 3 Years
Approvals CE,RCM
IP Rating / Environmental Protection Less than IP65
Dimensions 100*115*135 mm (W*H*D)
Recommended for New Designs Yes
Device Type
Power Supply
Device Features
Power Input
Environment Temperature
Installation Type
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