IgniteNet GLinq Smart Gigabit Ethernet Over Coax Bridge

The newest addition to the Wireless Professional Solutions shop is another powerful offering from IgniteNet. If you want to upgrade your 60 GHz MetroLinq wireless network this year, you want to check out GLinq: the first ever series of smart gigabit Ethernet over coax converters. The GLinq series has been designed for integration into existing MetroLinq infrastructure.

IgniteNet has developed this product with the consumer in mind. GLinq is a low-cost device that also features an integrated 2.4 GHz wireless radio to help simplify setup and remote management, which can be done with IgniteNet’s affordable and easy-to-use cloud-based controller.

GLinq Applications:

  • MDU: Solve the rooftop wireless backhaul powering issue by using existing coax infrastructure to provide gigabit speeds in multi-tenant buildings
  • Hub: Connect multiple locations with gigabit speeds at the same time, ensuring power and redundancy for the centre
  • Tower: Cut cost and extend the range of your network by using coax for power and data transmission
  • Surveillance: Reuse existing coax infrastructure to migrate from analog to IP camera systems

IgniteNet GLinq Smart Gigabit Ethernet Over Coax Bridge

Up to 15 GLinq clients can be connected to each GLinq master device, which is software configurable, to provide gigabit speeds using standard coaxial splitters.

Click the links below to check out these products in our store, and feel free to call our office with any questions about how to integrate GLinq into your network!

GL-I-1GE-1C IgniteNet GLinq Indoor Ethernet over Coax Bridge
GL-O-1GE-1C IgniteNet GLinq Outdoor Ethernet over Coax Bridge

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