Home Automation and Control with the Apple HomeKit

Home Automation and Control with the Apple HomeKit

Do you own an apple smartphone? If so, this is the perfect opportunity to turn your household in to an intelligent entity of its own. Through the use of the Apple HomeKit application and the FIBARO home center and supported devices, you can easily gain control over any lighting, heating, security systems, sensor and detectors. FIBARO proudly bear the “works with Apple HomeKit” and their products functionality and design are truly aesthetic and can fit into any modern house or business. Once you invest into these intelligent technologies, you can enjoy the brilliant results for years to come and make your life at home, or business that much easier.

Home control is just that simple

With Apple HomeKit you will love your life in a smart home. Adding devices to the Apple HomeKit is as simple as clicking on the character of the devices that you want to add on the Apple HomeKit application. In the application you can create individual room for your home and the devices that are in them for easy organisation of devices and controlling them with ease. Once the Apple HomeKit is setup a simple click within the apple home kit application will let you turn on/off the selected light. The application will also allow you to set up your own scenes, which are a set of rules for how your applications with behave when that scene is chosen, these can be all changes instantly with a click of a button. The Apple HomeKit will also give you the option of receiving notifications of your household status e.g. motion sensors activated, lights on/off all in real time and will allow you to control your household remotely through the internet

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