Proxim Tsunami 2411 RSU 2.4GHz Wireless Bridge

    Proxim Tsunami 2411 RSU 2.4GHz Wireless Bridge

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    Proxim Tsunami MP.11 Model 2411 RSU Residential Station Unit

    Same as SU version but it has limit to 8 MAC addresses.

    Tsunami MP.11 Series APPLICATIONS Adaptive Wireless Network Optimizes Performance Using advanced OFDM technology and Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol (WORP), MP networks .11

    • Security and Surveillance dynamically adapt to the ever-changing network load for optimum performance.
    • WORP adapts to avoid collisions and maximizes data content with each transmission bandwidth-intensive and high-definition IP-surveillance cameras located at
    • Dynamic Data Rate Selection automatically compensates for temporary link degradation, important city and transportation maintaining robust connectivity and mitigating service calls infrastructure such as airports, bridges and trains Advanced Security Protects Privacy Multiple security mechanisms protect operator, residential customer and enterprise privacy.
    • Business and Residential Last-Mile Access
    • Weatherized enclosure allows colocation on rooftops – limiting physical access3 Competitive broadband service
    • Proxim’s Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol (WORP) prevents snooping common alternative to DSL or cable modems to Wi-Fi systems for residences and T1 or Ethernet
    • Advanced encryption protects over-the-air transmission for businesses
    • Intracell blocking forbids direct communication between Subscriber Units
    • Metropolitan Area Networks
    • BSU and SU mutual authentication eliminates unauthorized use of system by rogue SUs Secure and reliable connectivity and man-in-the middle attacks between city buildings
    • Password protection of all remote management methods
    • Emergency First Responders Critical information delivery such as Designed for Fast Installation and Lower Maintenance Cost medical data and video feeds during MP.11 radios incorporate hardware and software features that reduce labor costs associated in-progress events with initial deployment and post-sales maintenance.
    • Enterprise Campus Connectivity
    • With Peltier heating and cooling technology inside a ruggedized enclosure, the Extend main network to remote MP.11 outdoor models (2454-R, 5054-R and 5054-R-LR) can be deployed in extreme branch offices, warehouses or other weather conditions out buildings without leased line
    • Decrease Subscriber Unit configuration time with integrated and vertical/horizontal
    • Mobile Hot Spot polarized antennas On-demand entertainment and
    • Eliminate guess work in locating the remote antennas with audible tone and real-time broadband access solutions for ferry, signal strength measurements transit buses and railway

    Support for both local and remote management, removing the need for expensive system commuters on-site supports Investment Protection for Current Tsunami MP.11 Model 5054 (MP.11a) customers Customers of earlier versions of MP.11 can upgrade their products in the field with enhancements including WiMAX QoS and fast roaming (v2.3) and DFS compliant with EN 301-893 v1.3.1 (v2.4, available via request only).

    Please visit to obtain upgrade details.

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