IP9255 PRO Single Port Web Managed IP Power Controller

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    The IP Power 9255  allows for the remote monitor and control of a power port. Built with high quality components, and a robust design, this compact device was created for small spaces that require remote power management.

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    General Features:

    White color with black trim

    Remotely turns off or on your computer and other devices  

    Industrial single port Relay design network controller  

    Designed to control T5 fluorescent lighting

    Built in "Current meter" for monitoring and "Temperature" 

    Dual Cut relay and Inrush Current design for extra protection

    Supports "Zero Cross" to protect relay & to suppress noise generated when loading current rises suddenly

    Accessible with popular web browsers - IE, Google Chrome & Firefox

    Power leakage protection - turns off when leakage is over 3mA 

    WatchDog -- Auto Ping

    Supports TCP/IP, DDNS, DHCP, SNMP, SMTP, Dynamic & Fixed IP network protocols

    Time Scheduler -- pre-set your planned time to switch on/off   

    CNT technology -- Just Plug & Play, no need to port forward

    SDK to create your own software development

    Smartphone and iOS supported

    Embedded web server - no PC required

    3-prong male power input and female power output connectors

    LED status indicator

    Reset hole

    Lead-free components (RoHS compliant)

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