Ubiquiti UniFi Layer 3 Cloud Controller

Ubiquiti UniFi Layer 3 Cloud Controller

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This product is a UniFi Centralised Management System installed in a cloud on Linux based system for convenience and ease of UniFi deployment. The system requires L3 connection (VPN, which is delivered via IPsec tunnel) between the cloud and the location of the UniFi units.

System has been tested with the following models: UniFi, UniFi-LR, UniFi-PRO, UniFi-AC

We recommend Mikrotik Routerboard for this job (works great as the router, firewall, DHCP and DHCP server, and security gateway)



We are currently running the latest stable version and we recommend using the option to automatically upgrade the firmware. Price is per month and is paid based on monthly basis (for controller). Minimum order period is 3 months since we don't charge setup fee (then it is $33/month). Hardware (if required) needs to be purchased separately. Please choose pick-up option while checking out when no hardware is required.

Once the link is established between both nodes, the UniFi controller will be accessible via private network IP address. Once connected to the network, UniFi will start to appear in the management interface with the "pending" state. Adopting them (per standard installation) is required and can be done via the adopt button. The service will be provided "as is" with the access to the UniFi management web interface and LOG files.

Note: We are not responsible for the security of your wireless network of UniFi devices. Please make sure you have strong WPA2 passphrase chosen!

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